Past Events

Newark, NJ – August 20, 2022

The Blacktop Streetball Tour kicked off its inaugural event at the company’s headquarters in Newark, New Jersey, in August 2022.

The successful event captured the city’s essence of a culturally robust and emerging entertainment Mecca.

Blacktop Streetball was activated in front of Newark City Hall and six city blocks to create the ultimate experiential event comprised of live performances, vendors, workshops, a “Kids Zone,” and an NBA-sized basketball court. Several non-profit organizations provided programs and educational support and Jay Morrison provided a financial education workshop.

AND1 basketball legends gathered and engaged their loyal fans to engage over 3,600 people who attended the Newark event traveling from as far as Europe and Canada. The legendary DJ Chuck-Chillout provided an engaging and family friendly Hip Hop musical experience. In addition to an inspiring half-time performance by Hip Hop artist and a founding member of the Wu-Tang Clan, Raekwon.

Newark Blacktop Festival Metaverse :2700 avatars (people) streamed through our virtual space (some in wearables) as we featured streams of vintage Mixtape videos on the JumboTron. We also streamed events on the ground in IRL (In Real Life) Newark’s City Hall. Sponsors’ logos were clickable links leading to their websites.


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