Blacktop is thankful for our amazing partnerships:


SportVest- L3GENDZ

SportVest, founded by Vic Bakunoff, is a leading provider of integrated solutions that leverage the deep business experience and sports knowledge to create innovative gaming, fan engagement, and media technologies. With a focus on emerging venture investing, SportVest partners with strategic allies to develop new business ventures in collaboration with professional sports leagues, teams, athletes, and organizations. These ventures are designed to generate
alternative revenue streams that support operating companies, athletes, and charities. SportVest's extensive network of technology partners, affiliated business executives, athletes, digital influencers, content producers, and distributors enable the company to provide comprehensive solutions that drive business growth and success. 

Blacktop and SportVest have formed a powerful partnership, "L3GENDZ," aimed at bringing athletes to Blacktop events for community involvement and givebacks. L3GENDZ promotes athletes and their brands, resources, and charities, to support community events with Blacktop. This unique partnership brings together the support of top athletes from a range of professional sports leagues including NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, PGA, NASCAR, Boxing, MMA, and WWE. Together, L3GENDZ aims to spark major change in the community, demonstrating the potential for sports and community engagement to create a positive impact.


New Life CDC- Blacktop Streetball Gives

New Life Community Development Corporation (NLCDC) is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization committed to enhancing the lives of individuals and families in the community through outreach and collaborative efforts. The mission is to meet people's needs in all areas of living by providing various programs and activities that promote socio-economic development, education, awareness of real estate opportunities, and collaborative community efforts to improve current conditions. NLCDC is dedicated to three goals: revitalizing the community through services and outreach efforts, providing resources that serve to revitalize the community and enrich the lives of its inhabitants, and engaging community residents in promoting peace, unity, and collective responsibility. NLCDC’s focus is to unite towards a common goal of helping to improve the
lives of others and reaching the nations one community at a time. 

New Life Community Development Corporation (NLCDC) has strategically partnered with the Blacktop Streetball Association to expand its reach and impact on communities across the nation. As the nonprofit arm of Blacktop, NLCDC has formed a dedicated committee called Blacktop Gives, aimed at bringing the highly anticipated Blacktop 24 Hours of Peace Tour to cities and neighborhoods through corporate sponsors and grants. This innovative collaboration between NLCDC and Blacktop is designed to promote community engagement, peace-building efforts, and social responsibility through the power of sports and music.


24 Hours of Peace

Founded by Amiri Baraka, Jr. and Hakim Green in 2011, this incredible organization began with a mission to bring peace to a notoriously crime-ridden block for a full 24 hours. Fast forward to today, the organization has flourished, attracting over 20,000 attendees to their event in the Main area of the city on Market St. It's a truly incredible achievement! 

But what makes 24 Hours of Peace so special is its approach to promoting peace and community engagement. By leveraging music to bring together diverse communities and shining a spotlight on local businesses and entrepreneurs, they have managed to create a unique and highly effective formula for success.

And that success is only set to grow with their recent partnership with the Blacktop Streetball Association. Together, they are bringing basketball, music, and programs to communities across the nation, and their collaboration promises to be the most effective community tour the nation has ever seen. 

24 Hours of Peace has managed to achieve something truly remarkable - they have operated their event each year without any crime or incidents! The event has become a beacon of hope and positivity for the community, attracting support from the entire community and major music performances from renowned artists such as The Lox, G Herbo, Fabulous, KRS1, and others. Queen Latifah has also served as the Host, adding even more star power to this incredible event. 

24 Hours of Peace is an organization that is truly making a difference in the world. With their passion, dedication, and unique approach, they are inspiring communities across the nation and proving that peace and unity are possible. It's an organization that leaves people feeling inspired and uplifted!