Founder and Chairman- Waliyy “Main Event” Dixon

Waliyy "Main Event" Dixon, the Founder, and Chairman of the Blacktop Streetball Association Board, is a highly respected figure in the world of street basketball. His wealth of experience and expertise have earned him the nickname "Jordan" of street basketball, a testament to his skills and
reputation. Mr. Dixon's achievements as the creator of the And1 Mixtape Tour have contributed significantly to the success of the And1 Apparel Company, with gross revenue of over $3B to date. His business acumen and industry knowledge make him a valuable asset to the Company. Furthermore, Mr. Dixon's professional career as a street basketball player has honed his communication and leadership skills, which he brings to the table as the face of the Company. His ability to inspire and lead by example has been instrumental in promoting the Blacktop Streetball Association's vision and mission.

Founder and CEO- Mark Bullock

Mark "Mr. Idea" Bullock, the Founder, and CEO of Blacktop Streetball Association, brings with him a wealth of experience and expertise in corporate leadership. Mr. Bullock has a proven track record of success in his previous roles, including raising millions in funding and driving strategic planning and execution. His extensive corporate experience has equipped him with the necessary skills to lead and manage a team effectively. His proficiency in these areas will undoubtedly drive Blacktop Streetball Association forward to achieve its business objectives. Mr. Bullock's appointment as the CEO of the Blacktop Streetball Association reflects the Company's commitment to achieving its vision through effective leadership, strategic planning, and execution.