The Original Mixtape Streetball Legends return with a new style and company called Blacktop Streetball Association.

Blacktop is gearing up for the 2023 Blacktop Streetball Tour and League. Blacktop will tour over 15 cities, looking for the next streetball players. Ten players will be selected by the original AND1 players to be entered into the First Streetball Draft. At the end of the tour, 12 Franchise Teams, all owned by the original AND1 players will draft a minimum of 8 players per team, creating the first Official Streetball League.

As a preview to the 2023 Mixtape Tour, will hold it's Blacktop Streetball Festival . The Streetball Festival welcomes the return of the Mixtape Streetball Legends as they showcase the many elements of streetball such as 1 on 1, Blacktop Rough, and Slam Dunk Contest.The entire day will be free of charge including giveaways, prizes, and food. Entertainers and influencers are committed to providing fun and entertainment to the community.

Please join us as we bring real Streetball back to the community!

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